Raising West Point: The Unmasking of a Hero

Christina Hunter

Christina Hunter

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Sabria Hunter Basketball
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Christina Hunter Fighting For

Medical Freedom

At risk of losing her job Christina continues to battle against all odds for Medical Freedom. Follow her story.

Her Story

When Christina Hunter sent her daughter off to continue her basketball career at West Point she knew she needed to, once again, change and this change forced her to confront her own past as a teenage mom who was told she would amount to nothing. Throughout her journey in raising her kids and trusting God for direction, she believed the truth that she could do anything! These are the stories of how she remained confident in God through storms in life and how through this choice, she learned to have peace and joy.

Living For Someone Bigger Than Yourself

This is a trailer from one of the stories in my book called, “Raising West Point: The Unmasking of a Hero.” This part of the book talks about my son Quintin as he faced the devastating injury of a torn ACL and meniscus at the age of 9 while running the ball in his little league football game in September, 2019. He is a true fighter and his story tells of what it means to have a good attitude in times of trouble. As he was broken down during this traumatic injury that changed him forever, God built him back up into a thankful and insightful young man. Never underestimate the power of God in any situation that seems too big for you.